Compatible Coffee Capsules – Is It Worth The Switch?

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Let’s talk about money. Better yet – let’s talk about saving money. Some of you may be uncomfortable with such an important topic, but knowing how and when to save a few dollars on the things we enjoy, goes a very long way. So how about coffee capsules, we drink a few cups of coffee a day – and why not enjoy the finer things in life, gone are the days when luxury has to be expensive. By switching from a popular capsule provider, to a lesser known high quality alternative like Rosso, you can surprisingly save hundreds of dollars a year – and it really is that simple.

So let’s see what you can do with the money you’ve saved during the year. Remember, this is just by switching from a big brand to Rosso Caffe capsules.

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Ice-cream Espresso & Chocolate Delight

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Now that summer is upon us, the days are warmer and the sun is out all day long, it’s time to think about that special summer treat. You know exactly what I mean, a blizzard of cool soothing flavors after a day at the beach, or a long day at the office. What could be better than an ice-cream cake with vanilla and espresso flavors, covered in thick tasty chocolate on both sides. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to bake!

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