Drink • Recycle • Scrub • Repeat

coffee scrub [mashshare]

Today I have something that is an absolute stroke of genuine genius. A new way to enjoy your coffee, the perfect way to recycle your spent coffee, and more importantly the best way to treat your skin to a clean shiny look for absolutely free.


The coffee scrub is a growing global trend, and I’ll show you exactly how to recycle your used coffee pods and forget about expensive skin creams for good. It has changed my life, and it turned me into much more of an environmentally aware consumer.


Warning – prepare to be amazed!

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Recycle Espresso Capsules – 15 Ideas to Turn that Pile of Used Pods Into Creative Gold!

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There are hundreds of things you can do with those empty capsules after you’ve made your coffee with them, if you only get a little creative you can start to recycle your Nespresso® capsules (or other compatible capsules). Here are 15 ideas of things you can easily create at home, even with your kids or friends. Use your imagination and I’m sure you’ll have many more ideas of your own! Continue reading